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This guide to law school and legal careers aims to help you enter or advance within the legal profession and enjoy a rewarding career in law.

Why is it worth becoming a lawyer?
The law is a prestigious profession and offers exciting opportunities for ambitious individuals to make a real contribution to society. Most individuals seek a legal qualification as a means of entering one of the many specialized areas of the legal profession, either to:

As there are so many varied career paths the law school curriculum seeks to provide you with a general legal background. You can then build on areas of specialization as you pursue the legal career of your choice.

The marketability that comes with your legal qualification does not come easy, however. A law degree is intensive and ranks among the toughest academic programs available.

It demands real commitment, stamina, excellent research and communication skills, and effective time management. It may also require a substantial financial commitment. This all needs to be balanced with the significant and rewarding career opportunities and increased earning potential that it can offer.

How can this site help you?
The objective of this site is to provide you with a guide to law school and legal careers that will help you to:

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