LSAT Score Percentiles

What are the LSAT Score Percentiles?

LSAT score percentiles can affect your chances of getting admission to a desired law college in a major way. This is because LSAT scores are required for getting admission to all ABA-approved law schools in the US and Canada. There are some non-ABA-approved law schools also which will require you to submit your LSAT scores when you apply for admissions to law courses being conducted by them. Therefore, it is essential for you to score in high LSAT score percentiles in order to achieve your aim of completing your law studies from a reputed law college.

The LSAT test consists of 4 scored test sections of 35 minutes' duration each. There is a 35-minute writing test at the end of the LSAT test which is not scored in addition to an experimental multiple-choice test section which is also not scored. The LSAT raw score is calculated on the basis of the number of questions that you have answered correctly. These raw scores are then converted to LSAT scores on a scale of 120 to 180.

The LSAT score percentiles are arrived at by considering all the other candidates who have taken the LSAT with you. Your LSAT score percentiles will give an indication of where you stand with respect to the other candidates who have taken the LSAT. In other words, LSAT score percentiles give you a fair idea of the percentage of test-takers who have scored less than you. For instance, if your LSAT scores lie in the 70th LSAT score percentiles, then it would mean that you have scored lower than 30 percent of the students who have taken the LSAT. At the same time, this would mean that 70 percent of the students who took the LSAT have scored less than you. A small number of correctly answered questions can make a major difference to your LSAT score percentiles.

The LSAT score percentiles in which your LSAT scores lie give you a rough estimate of the law schools in which you are likely to get admission provided you are aware of the LSAT score percentiles of the students who generally succeed in getting admissions to those law colleges. Search the internet for websites of law schools and for links like that will give you a list of law schools where you are likely to get admission depending upon your undergraduate GPA and LSAT scores.

What would be the Ideal LSAT Score Percentiles?

There is no clear definition of the best LSAT score percentiles. The best LSAT score percentiles for you would depend on the law college which you wish to join. Search the internet for links like that will provide you with information about the LSAT scores of students who have been admitted by the law colleges in the past. You can also visit forums like and to participate in online discussions and find out about the LSAT scores required by colleges. Once you have the LSAT scores required by the college of your choice, your aim should be to score in the LSAT score percentiles required by that college. For instance, you need to score in the LSAT score percentiles range of 88 to 92 for getting admission to law college programs offered by Harvard and Stanford University; whereas lower LSAT scores will allow you to get admission to other law schools. Make sure that you go through the official website of the LSAT, which will provide you with vast information on LSAT scores and the process of selection for admissions to law colleges.

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