LSAT Score Range

How is LSAT Scored?

The LSAT exam consists of four scored test sections and two unscored test sections. One of the unscored test sections is the writing test which will appear at the end of the LSAT exam. The writing sample submitted by you in this test section is not scored, but it will be sent to the law colleges to which you have applied for admissions. The other unscored test section is known as the experimental section and it can be any of the three types of test sections that are specific to the LSAT. These three types of test sections are the reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning test sections. You will be given 35 minutes to complete each test section.

The LSAT raw scores are calculated on the basis of the questions that have been answered correctly by you. No marks are deducted for wrong answers or for answers that have been left blank by you. The raw LSAT scores are converted into LSAT scores by using a statistical procedure called equating. The LSAT score range is from 120 to 180.
The link is from the official website of the LSAT and it will provide you with information about the LSAT test structure and other aspects related to the LSAT exam. is another link from the official website that will provide information about the LSAT score range.

Where in the LSAT Score range should your LSAT Scores lie? is one more link from the official website that will provide you with the details of law schools. will provide information about the criteria considered by law schools while evaluating your eligibility for admissions. Your LSAT scores may lie very high in the LSAT score range, but you might not be able to get admission to a desired law college program if you are lacking in the other required qualifications.

180 is the highest score in the LSAT score range, but it is very difficult to score near 180. However, test-takers have been scoring around 175 in the LSAT which lies quite high in the LSAT score range. You will need scores in the LSAT score range of 168 to 175 in order to increase your chances of getting admission to one of the top ranking law colleges in the US. About 70 percent of the test-takers score in the LSAT score range of 140 to 160. Around 15 percent of the test takers score less than 140 and approximately 15 percent score above 160. This is just a rough estimate. Your LSAT percentiles will be able to give you a more accurate proportion of test-takers who have scored more than you.

If you have been able to score 150 or higher in the LSAT, then you will definitely not be able to make it to a reputed law school, but you might succeed in joining a program of law studies at some state law college. Scoring in the LSAT score range of 160 to 168 is considered to be very good. You will have chances of getting admission to reputed law colleges also if you have a very high undergraduate GPA or if you have performed exceptionally well in some other fields that are being considered by the school admission committees. Even if you do not make it to a top ranking law school, you will definitely get admission to some other good law school.

If you have not been able to achieve an LSAT score that is high in the LSAT score range, then there is no need to be disappointed. You can plan on taking a retest. Most law schools consider only your most recent LSAT score or your highest LSAT score. However, keep in mind that there are law schools which might consider the average of all the LSAT scores you’ve achieved in the past. Therefore, find out the policies governing the eligibility criteria for admissions to the law schools of your choice. Find out the LSAT score range of the students who have been admitted by them in the past. Your aim should be to score in the same LSAT score range in order to get admission to your desired law school.

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