LSAT Strategies

LSAT brings with itself stress, anxiety, nervousness and worry. It is inevitable to feel that way because you know how the LSAT score can make a difference. It sure makes it more difficult and scary as the days go by. If there is no way to feel easy about taking the LSAT, lets deal with it the smart way. Yes, there is a smart way to deal with it through certain LSAT strategies, which not only make preparation interesting but also boost your morale to work harder.

Following LSAT strategies does not diminish the need for practice, but these LSAT strategies help in practicing in the right way. Therefore, you will not beat around the bush, but hit the bullís eye directly. These LSAT strategies are not magical words, but are formed by making use of all information in hand about the test. They can be classified as LSAT strategies before taking the test and LSAT strategies at the time of attempting the test.

LSAT Strategies before the test

These LSAT strategies need to be followed at the time of preparation.

  1. Practice for the test in simulated conditions, as far as possible.
  2. Start practicing well in time before the test.
  3. Do not follow many books or courses, but stick to about two books and one good course.
  4. Make a habit of reading with your mind in it.
  5. Identify your weaknesses and give more time to them.
  6. Make an effort to know what instructions to follow while attempting a particular type of question.
  7. While preparing, make your own LSAT strategies that work for you.
  8. Get in touch with experienced teachers and students who have taken the LSAT and value their advice.

LSAT Strategies while attempting the test

While preparation and practice makes you win half of the battle, your real success is determined by the way you attempt the test. Following are some LSAT strategies that will help in attempting it to the best of your capacity.

  1. Keep in mind the time you take for every question. In the 35-minute test, manage your time in such a way that you give enough time to every question.
  2. Make it a point to answer all questions, as there is no penalty for a wrong answer in LSAT.
  3. LSAT strategy to deal with a multiple-choice question in case of confusion is to eliminate the least likely answer one by one and arrive at the best possible answer.
  4. Donít spend hours thinking about one question, move on after marking it lightly, and come back to it if you have time.
  5. If you are running out of time with too many questions to answer, donít rush through, just answer as many as you can correctly.
  6. Fill in the dots completely with a no. 2 pencil so that it can be read well by the machine. In case you need to change your answer, erase the pencil marks completely.
  7. Attempting the test can be tiring. Form your LSAT strategies to keep yourself fresh till the end. Take a short one-minute break to stretch yourself, rest your eyes and relax your muscles. Take some water if required., but do not spend too long; just a little change can rejuvenate your energy to finish the test with high spirits.

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