LSAT Tricks

As students, we always look for shortcuts that can help us in attempting the test better. Well, to begin with, preparation for LSAT has no short cuts, but there are certain LSAT tricks which surely work as shortcuts in preparation. By following these LSAT tricks you not only save time, but also make the best of your preparation. Therefore, it is a good idea to refer to some LSAT tricks well in time so that you can give it your best.


If you are looking forward to some LSAT tricks, it is best to compartmentalize your preparation according to the sections of the test. This is because each section has different LSAT tricks that can help in answering these questions. Once you take each section individually, it will help you to focus over the questions in a better way.

LSAT Tricks for Reading Comprehension

You must have come across this type of question a number of times. However, you need to prepare specifically for LSAT reading comprehension since these are tricky and they test your understanding of the passage. The LSAT tricks that you can use for this section is that you should avoid wasting time in reading and re-reading the given passage. Instead, give it a single and proper reading, and devote the rest of the time over finding the answers to the questions. It is advised to first go through the questions on the passage and then read the passage. This would give you a fair idea of where the answer is hidden and will save time.

LSAT Tricks for Logical Reasoning

These questions require you to identify the flaws in the given sentences or short passages. If you get confused in answering such questions, the best thing to do is to go by your instinctive answer. However, you must develop a habit of finding logic behind every answer. The key to success is to practice as many questions as possible.

LSAT Tricks for Analytical Reasoning

These questions should not be looked upon as questions of Analytical Reasoning; rather, you must look upon them as logic games. This helps in developing a positive attitude and reduces the stress that they can cause. Moreover, you must develop the eye for diagrams and puzzles while practicing so that you are able to handle such questions.

LSAT Tricks for Writing Sample

There is little scope of using LSAT tricks in the writing sample. However, while practicing for this section, you will realize that there are certain LSAT tricks that you can follow here as well. Firstly, you must work out the outline of the essay in your mind. Think about the essay in three parts, which include the introduction, the body of the essay and the conclusion. You must maintain logical connectivity throughout the essay and make efforts not to divert away from the given topic. More than the content, it is the presentation that impresses the reader. That is why these LSAT tricks will help you to form a good essay.

These LSAT tricks may not prove to be real shortcuts, but they surely are very handy while preparing for the test. However, it must be realized that the best LSAT trick ever is to practice and practice as much as possible.

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