Perfect LSAT Score

The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120 to 180 points. You will need an LSAT score above 170 if you want to join reputed law college programs like those offered by Harvard or Yale University. There are other universities that will admit you with LSAT scores as low as 150. Therefore, it becomes difficult to pinpoint the perfect LSAT score. If an LSAT score of 149 can get you admission to a program of law studies being offered by Oklahoma City University, then what is the perfect LSAT score?

The Perfect LSAT Score

Nominating a particular LSAT score as the perfect LSAT score is a debatable issue. If we say that 174 is the perfect LSAT score because this score can ensure your admission to one of the top most law colleges in the USA, then what about the students who score 174 in the LSAT but they have poor undergraduate GPAs? There are a number of law colleges which give equal weightage to your undergraduate GPA also. Therefore, it might turn out that a perfect LSAT score of 174 could not ensure your admission to a desired law college of international repute because you had a low undergraduate GPA. Some law colleges may use a particular calculation to arrive at an eligibility criterion. For instance this calculation may be an arithmetic formula involving your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT scores averaged over all the LSAT tests that you have taken. There may be law colleges that give preference only to your latest or highest LSAT score with a low weightage to your undergraduate GPA. Therefore, there can be no perfect LSAT score that can ensure your admission to reputed law colleges as there are various other admission criteria considered by law colleges. Go to the link, from the official website of LSAT, to get access to information related to the selection criteria being followed by law colleges.

The perfect LSAT score for you could be a score that would increase your chances of getting admission to the law college of your choice. For arriving at an LSAT score that would be perfect for you, you will need to know the minimum LSAT scores which are required for getting admission to your desired law college program. In addition to this, you should be aware of the other criteria that will be considered by the college admission committees. It would be a good idea to search the internet for the websites of good law colleges and go through the LSAT scores of students who were granted admissions to the last session of the law course of your choice. The internet is an excellent resource for various links like and which will give you an idea of the law colleges where you can hope for getting admissions if you get a particular LSAT score. Go through other links like which are discussion forums for students preparing for the LSAT. Students often share information related to the admission criteria for various law colleges. You can also participate in such discussions and quell all your doubts.

Once you are clear about the requirements of the law college of your choice, you will be able to arrive at an LSAT score which would be required for getting admission to that college. You can then term this score to be the perfect LSAT score for you as attaining a score higher than this perfect LSAT score will help you in achieving your aim.

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